Olympic Men’s Water Polo 2021

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The men’s water polo at the 2020 Summer Olympics at Tokyo, Japan began on 25 July and end on 8 August 2021. The water polo tournaments at the 2020 Summer Olympics take place at the Tatsumi Water Polo Centre. Twenty-two teams will compete in the tournament, an increase of two from the previous editions.
Two teams compete to throw the ball into their opponent’s goal. Each consists of seven players, including a goalkeeper, and all play without their feet ever touching the bottom.
Water polo men’s Olympic 2021 preliminary round. Watch Water polo game (Live Stream Link)

Olympic Men’s Water Polo
Hungary vs Italy
Time: 9:00pm ET/ 2:00am BST

United States vs Greece
Time: 10:30pm ET/ 3:30am BST

Serbia vs Montenegro
Time: 1:00am ET/ 6:00am BST

Spain vs Croatia
Time: 2:30am ET/ 7:30am BST

Japan vs South Africa
Time: 5:20am ET/ 10:00am BST

Australia vs Kazakhstan
Time: 6:50am ET/ 11:50am BST

Date: Monday, August 2, 2021
Venue: Tatsumi Water Polo Centre, Tokyo – Japan.

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